AUTHOR: Andy Carr

Andy Carr

Andy Carr is a Business Development Manager in the Business and Innovation Office at The Institute of Cancer Research, London. He develops relationships between the ICR and its researchers and a range of different companies to commercialise academic discoveries, inventions, and innovations, and accelerate their passage to patients. At the ICR, I have developed a number of new, challenging projects particularly in areas of collaboration with industry and organisations of academic and research excellence. In addition I have developed projects that generate new income streams or open new markets to our academics, PhD students and spin out companies. Opportunities that enable our academics to work with real businesses in cancer and other diseases, biology, genetics, therapeutics and imaging and in technology, AI & Data Analytics, in licensing of inventions, materials, biomarkers and formulas are all of interest. I’m especially keen to enable our research results and capabilities to be developed into commercial opportunities in other scientific, technology, communications or engineering sectors. A training programme has been developed to give our academics a grounding in entrepreneurship and innovation concepts. I have developed a series of events to bring academics and industry together. I’ve been working on some interesting opportunities with various departments, innovators and individual academics, some of whom already feature on our website videos. A key area of work for me has been the development of the London Cancer Hub with various partners including the local council, local hospitals and the Greater London Authority. The first building - the centre for Cancer Drug Discovery is completed and the second facility the Innovation Gateway is in progress.

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