Working together to create a greener, safer, and more prosperous South London

Look back at some of our previous Design Lab sessions and see what it’s all about, including case studies, testimonials and blogs.

What is BIG Design Lab?

Led by three of London’s leading higher education institutes: the University of Roehampton, University of the Arts London and Kingston University, Design Lab is a series of collaborative workshops created to find solutions that tackle society’s most pressing challenges head-on.

Through brainstorming sessions and thought-provoking discussions, this immersive series encourages participants to think outside the box, challenge the status quo, and imagine solutions to improve the lives of millions across South London.

Design Lab presents a unique opportunity for everyone who lives or works in South London. By taking part, attendees have the chance to develop ideas and solutions that will improve the region for themselves and the community around them. Each session is also a great networking opportunity, connecting like-minded individuals regardless of whether they’re students, business owners, local residents or public body representatives.


“These excellent Design Labs are insightful, add value to your business in different ways and are run by experienced, intelligent, curious academics that challenge your creative thinking.”

– Saba Khan, ArtEase (Attended in May 2023)

Previous Sessions

Health and Wellbeing

University of Roehampton

As societal awareness surrounding personal health and well-being reaches new heights, the pressing question arises: How can we go beyond self-care and extend our efforts to make life easier for others within our community? Addressing this vital concern, the session harnessed the collective creative power to draft innovative solutions that not only support individuals in the community but also prioritise the overall wellbeing of South Londoners.

Hear from Saba Khan, Founder of ArtEase, about her experience on the programme.

Creative Innovation Amidst Climate Uncertainty

University of the Arts London

The Climate Emergency presents uncertainty, making it difficult for individuals, businesses and society to assess the opportunities and risks. Exploring creative techniques to envision positive social, economic and ecological change, we began putting an action plan in place for ways to lessen this uncertainty.

Green Innovation and the Circular Economy

Kingston University

We are moving toward Net Zero – lower emissions and less climate impact. But we need to do it faster! The world still largely operates on the linear economy model, where raw materials are used to manufacture products, only to be disposed of at the end of their short lifetimes. The Circular Economy presents a strong alternative.

Future Skills and Green Skills Gaps

Kingston University

Kingston University’s Future Skills League Table 2022 Report demonstrates concerns about the UK’s economic security and the skills of its future workforce. This session focused on drafting solutions to Future and Green Skills Gaps challenges to support businesses and prospective employees for the economic stability and growth of the BIG South London Boroughs. 

Creative Innovation for Digital and Social Inclusion

University of the Arts London

In the ever-changing digital world, the importance of inclusive innovation has reached unprecedented levels. Creative innovation holds immense power in promoting digital and social inclusion, as it has the capacity to dismantle barriers and redefine our approach to accessibility, connectivity, and community experience. By doing so, it guarantees that no individual is excluded.

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